Here you will find all the rules and regulations from Executive Orders (E.O.) to archived newsletters that pertain to ORS.

The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual or NISPOM (pdf) is the guide for all CDCs (Cleared Defense Contractors).

The two main E.O.s that pertain to CDCs are E.O 12829 which defines the Industrial Security Program and E.O. 13526 which provides guidance for classified information can be found here.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 or HSPD12 (web link) outlines the standards for identification and access to U.S. Government facilities.

Information dealing with classified information can be found at the following two sites:

Hotline information for the DOD and other U.S. Government Agencies can be found in the following document, Hotline Info (Word)

Archived information for the Annual Security Refresher Briefing and Newsletters can be accessed via these links: