Travel & Laptop Loan Program

This section presents information for helping you have a safe and secure trip as well as guidelines for the Laptop Loan Program that is offered by ORS.


When planning your travel the first place to start is to consult the U. S. Department of State for information.

Think about your health too and what immunizations you currently have and what are needed for where you are going.  Two excellent resources are the Longest Health Center and the Center for Disease Control or CDC.

When you visit the U.S. Department of State website please pay attention to the travel warnings and alerts and check back frequently as security conditions in countries can change very rapidly.  Other sites worth visiting are:

The above three sites are the associated with the Australian, British and Canadian governments respectively.  They present an alternate view on travel that is not, in my opinion, more open and honest then the US/DOS site.

More sites worth visiting for travel information:

Laptop Loan Program

ORS can provide loaner laptops either IBM clone or Apple Mac based units for any MSU personnel performing foreign travel in support of MSU.  Details of the program can be found in the following document: